Bretta Elmore Photography: Blog en-us (C) Bretta Elmore Photography (Bretta Elmore Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Bretta Elmore Photography: Blog 83 120 C. Family ~~ Part 2 (2018) So my friend had her surgery. It was successful and she is in much less pain!!!!  YAY!!!! Her ability to get around is much improved and her body is much happier!!!!  

So.... we are at part two of the ongoing C. family portrait session!!! I must say, this may have been my favorite part!!! 

This is the first time (I feel like I've been saying that a lot!) (I guess there really is a first time for everything!!! Hahaha!!) I've done photos at the beach and I am in LOVE!!!!! Such a gorgeous place to have photos done!!!  The backdrop is perfect, every time. The lighting is spectacular! The atmosphere is magical.  This photo session was epic!! 


We started off our adventure in a part of St Andrew's that we call the "swamp". It's a very marshy area, we saw a small alligator while there. There are many different kinds of birds and lots of wildlife to see!! (we also saw a few deer!!)  The trees that grow on this part are pretty gnarly and branchy so it was cool to get the kids around the trees for a few shots!! 


We spent a few minutes on this (mostly) quiet road....there were a few times I had to yell, "Car's coming!!" only to watch them move as one to the side of the road laughing hysterically!!! It was awesome!!!



We decided to head toward the water and as our kids were walking together (my family was with me as we are all good friends!) I was able to capture a few quick shots of mom and dad having a moment!!!! 

It's a love story!!!

I think B. told me once that the moment he saw J. he knew she was the one for him!!!! (Swoon)

She took a little persuading!! ;-) 



This photo was high key so I used a different filter on it to settle it down a bit....It works!!  Loving those purple tones....



It is April and we are in the south. Usually, this time of year draws the spring break kids down to the beach for a week filled of sunshine and warmth, but this year it is much more chilly than usual!!!  The water feels more chilly when the air temp is more chilly, especially when you're not expecting it on your feet!!!!!  O.o 




I told you...It's a love story!!! 


S.G and her gorgeous self!!!! 



C. and his serious self!!



C. and his happy-go-lucky self!!!


Daddy's Girl....



Mama's boys....




It just really does not get much better than sunset t the beach!!!!! I heart this photo for so many reasons!!!  A big one is because I love this family as my own!!! 



Facing out at one of God's most awesome creations....the ocean.  (actually, it's the Gulf here, but it feels like the ocean!!) 




It's a love story!!!!!! 








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C. Family~~Part 1 (2017) Fall is such a beautiful time of year....the colors are gorgeous, the sunsets are more golden, and the weather can be quite nice here in south Alabama!!! 

My bestie wanted photos with an "on the farm" theme, which was pretty easy because they actually live on a farm!!!! We were able to use hay bales and cotton fields in their shoot and had such a blast!!!! 

Unfortunately, my friend was in a lot of pain and had surgery a few weeks after this session, which is why there is a part 1 and will be a part 2! 

She is now (thankfully) out of pain, out of rehab and we got to do the second half of their session last weekend at a fabulous location!!!!

It's coming up next!!!!


So for now... Fall on the Farm...

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Family time at Pike Pioneer Museum (2017) Sometimes I get to photograph people in the coolest places!!! 

The Pike Pioneer Museum in Troy, Alabama is an awesome place to do portrait sessions!!! There are so many places to add variety to a session and with our mostly agreeable Alabama weather, this was a perfect day for photos!!!! 


A really cool covered bridge is on the property....


There is also an old log style church!!!! It is amazing on the inside!!! Such a step back in history!! 


A family that prays together, stays together....



These four kids are completely hilarious and we had a blast!!!! I think you can probably see the personality in the's pretty obvious!!


This is a sweet family that has a Senior!! She is graduating this May!! I got to do a Family session AND do Senior portraits (which I have never done) (but completely enjoyed doing!!) 






Just as this young lady is at a crossroads in her life, so am I......I need to decide what exactly it is that I want to accomplish with my photography.

As a business, it is very slow, which I expected, but need to increase it to make it feasible.  I absolutely LOVE doing people photography, I just need to find more people!!! ;-) 

As a hobby it is rewarding and always interesting!!! I love walking around our property and taking photos of different flowers, bugs, trees, and wildlife in general!!  So I will always be doing this no matter what!!!! 

Either way, my husband is very supportive and is getting used to me stopping every few steps to photograph something!!! hahaha!!

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Meet Baby L. (2017) Not only did I get to photograph a beautiful baby girl this week, I also got to photograph this handsome baby boy!!!! 

SO excited to get to photograph this hunk of baby love!!!!! Such a sweet cuddle bug!!!!!  

Baby L. was awake for nearly his whole session and did not love being put down so I got TONS of baby cuddles this day!!!!
I am not complaining either!!! I NEED more newborn cuddles in my life!!!  Such a sweet time of whispers, and rocking, and baby noises!!!

And....while cuddling I get to chat with mommy and daddy!!  It's a win-win!!!! 

Baby L.'s family are Alabama fans...

...they would insert a "Roll Tide" here, so I'll do it for them!! 




I just love these baby feet!!!!! 

Wide awake and very wiggly call for fast shutter speeds!!! ;) 



Finally asleep for a minute....SO precious by his Daddy's gear!!! 


Just pure baby man sweetness!!!!!! Sigh....




By the time he gave up and fell asleep, the adults were exhausted!!! Hahahaha!!!!  But we got some fabulous shots in this super fun session and I am so honored to be a small part of capturing these fleeting times!!!!! 


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Meet Baby J. (2017) Oh the preciousness of a newborn!!!

There is nothing like it in the world!!!!

The cuddles, the smell, the look of wonder and inquizitiveness of a newborn takes my breath away!!!


I was honored to be able to capture a few moments in Baby J.'s life. Her mommy and daddy are in the military and moving on to their new post soon!!! I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of new to our world, so perfect.  

This girl does not disappoint with her gorgeous eyes, dark hair and sweet disposition!!! 

When I arrived at their home at our arranged time I could her newborn cries (very unique sounding!) through the front door!!

Baby J. was not happy!!!

She had gotten a bath and was not thrilled!! Hahaha!!!  

She rallied quickly though after mommy fed her. All was right in her world and we had a fabulous time cuddling and taking photos!!!!

She was wide awake for the whole session (which is usually a challenge, but not this time!!) and just a joy!!!! 

Sweet Baby  Feet!!!!




Mommy and Daddy love each other very much!!!  SO sweet to watch Big Sister with Baby J.!!!




Sweet family!!! 




LOVE how everyone is looking at Baby J.!!!! Some moments cannot be coached!!! 



Big Sis, Little Sis!! 



She fits in daddy's uniform pocket!!!!! (big heart emojis!!!)



The Sweetness!!!!! 


Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!!!!! 



Newborn Sessions are quickly becoming a favorite of mine!! Such a sense of peace and joy fill these sessions!!!

D. & H., thanks SO much for letting me capture a few moments of this precious time in your life!!!

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The Original Squishies!!!! (2017) My love of people photography stems from this family!!! Their Nana was my first encourager to start taking photos of people and I am forever grateful!!!
They are as precious to me as my own family and I have loved photographing them as they grow!!!  When the oldest was born and we finally got to meet her she was SO "squishy"!!!! She became more squishy as she grew!!!! Her little sister and brother are as adorably squishy as she is!!!!! =) 



Big sister is a beautiful, serious little girl and so caring of her siblings!!!!



Little sister is a beautiful, happy little girl and really enjoys taking care of her baby brother!!!! 



Baby M. is just along for the ride at this point, but I can't wait to watch him grow, becoming the person he was created to be!!


Sweet, sweet family!!!! 




Photos with Papa's new (old) truck!!! 



Such a beautiful day and such a beautiful family!!!!! 


LOVE what I get to do!!!! 


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Little Bit turns ONE!!!! (2017) 6 or so months ago I got to take some photos of a completely adorable little boy!! It was, in fact, my first photo shoot with someone I didn't know too well!! While not complete strangers with his great grandma, I had never met him or his mom!!! O.o

Fell. In. Love. with this kid!!!! 

You can read about his first session here>>> Little Bit

So imagine my complete joy when they asked me to come to his first birthday party to capture some more memories of this little bundle of sweetness!!!! 

SO many photos and SO much fun!!!! 

This little boy has no lack of love, family and smiles!!!! He turned on the charm big time when he figured out he had cake all to himself and did not disappoint when it comes to the cuteness factor!!!! This child has the most amazing blue eyes!!!


Hope to be capturing many more moments with this precious boy and his family!!! 

Those eyes!!!!!!  

I heart them so much!! 




"See my balloon?? See?!"




Little Bit and his Big Brother!! 








"All the cake is mine!!!!" 




"Ok.....Daddy can have a taste!!!!" 

I love this photo!!!! It just shows the awe that daddy ate from his hand!!

(and mommy had a good laugh too!! ) 


Him loves these people in his life!!!!  (Grandparents)




Him loves these people in his life!!!   (Grandparents) 




Him loves his beautiful Grandma!!!! 




And him loves his Great Grand Parents!!!! 


He just completely adores his Great Grandpa!!!! 

SO much love here!!! 



Waiting to see what Grandma is pulling out of the stash of toys!!! 

SO stinkin' sweet!! 



I think this was his favorite toy!!!! 




The party is over, people are leaving, and this family is beginning a new phase of their life with a one year old!!!! 

Many days of adventure and fun...but also days of work and weariness!!! 

You got this Mama and're doing a great job with this little man!! 





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One of the Best Days Ever!!! (2016) There was a time... (let me pause here and say that every time I hear that phrase or say that phrase my mind automatically starts singing that old Harry Connick, Jr. know the one I mean!! If you don't, we may not be able to remain friends...) (Take a listen....Here ya go!!) (cheesy video (sorry Harry!!), great song!) ...that my husband and I decided we needed another dog.  

BIG decision.

You can read more about it here>>>Aries''s a good story.

There are other stories, but this one stands out in my mind...Crazy Dog !!   Fun times!!!! 

All those stories to say we LOVE German Shepherds!!!! Like, really, really, love them!!! SO imagine my absolute surprise and honor when these precious people asked me to come to their home to do a photo shoot with some of their dogs for Christmas cards and such!!!!!


For realz!! 



Meet MR & Mrs H.  Some of the best people I know!!! Generous and loving!!!

GSD Breeders of the highest quality---very selective of who gets their babies!!! 




Classic B& of my "good" faves of the day!!

Such good sports with the wreaths around their necks! 

If they look serious, it's because they are!!!

My child was behind me (and to my left a little)  holding the prized B.A.L.L.!




Antique Treatment.... 




B&W with Selective color.....

Some photographers say never do this, but I've never been one to listen to what everybody else says!!! Hahaha!!! 

It is why not?!





This is my favorite outtake!!!!

I LOVE how Koda's tongue is out!! He cracks me up!! 




And....He's done!!! Must...get...ball....

Or so he thinks!!! HAHAHA!!! 





Back, but hamming it up!!! 

Looks like the girls are rolling their eyes in embarrassment!!! hahahaha!!



But....All's well that ends well, right?!!! 

Such a fun shoot and we got to love on some puppies afterwards!!! SQUEEEEE!!!! 


German Shepherds are the real deal!!! Great dogs and fierce protectors!!! 




P.S.  I think dogs are like children sometimes...It.Is.Hard. to delete photos of dogs (same as children) so it seems to take much longer to go through files to sort out which ones are keepers. I didn't think the family would want 100 photos that are pretty much the same!! 


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Happy Wedding Day!!!! (2016) Everyone that I know is always super busy during December! Especially so as Christmas gets closer and closer!!!

We are no different!!! December. Is. Crazy. for us!!! It seems to be even more crazy as we try not to make it crazy!!! Sound familiar to anyone?!?! The more you say 'No, I'm sorry, we can't come." the more you feel guilty about it and try to make it work and go anyway and end up being exhausted for the whole month that was supposed to be focused on just family....

WOW...that might have been a little venting there. Sorry!! 

Anyway, our December was very busy as per our usual... 

At some point as I was asked if I could do someone a favor and I immediately said, "YES!!!"  There was no, "I need to check my schedule." No, "I'm sorry, I wont be able to."  No, "Let me check that date."  Nope...none of that!!! 

Someone had asked me to photograph their wedding!!!! Squeeee!!! 

Let me be clear here....I do not "do weddings". This was a very personal favor to some wonderful people which happen t be friends of mine. This is not a venue that I will be embracing. This is not where my heart is.  This is, however, where I found myself on the evening of DECEMBER 23rd, 2016!!!!!!

Side note here....on the 13th or 14th my brother asked me for a favor.  He lives 4 hours away from me and never needs help with anything so of course, I said yes, I'll can do that!! So on December 21 I drove up to his town, we had dinner at a very nice restaurant, the next day was when he needed my help the most, on Friday December 23rd I drove home (remember...4 hour drive!) took a nap and went to shoot my very first wedding!!! True story!!! 

Crazy December!!!! O.o 



Such a simple, beautiful wedding!!! 










Meet Mr. & Mrs. F. ....  along with our Pastor and his lovely wife!! 





Happy Wedding Day J. & D.!!!!

I am so very honored that you trusted me to capture these moments for you!!!

Love to you both!! 





PROPS to ALL wedding photographers!!! Even for this simple wedding I took nearly 500 (not a typo) photos (most likely because I had never done one!!)!! I cannot imagine your processing time and effort and huge production weddings!!! You guys rock!!!! (and you guys can have ALL the weddings!!!) hahahhaaha!!!! 

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Surprise, Surprise!!!! (oh, and Merry Christmas!!) 2016 Let me tell you something....when one of the cutest 10 year olds you've ever met asks for your help, you say..."YES!!!! Of course, I will do whatever you want!!"!! ;-)

Seriously, I will!!! 

This young lady came up to one day and asked me if I could help her with a special Christmas surprise for her parents. She wanted to get photos of her and her siblings done and framed, they just needed a photographer!! That's where I came in!!! 

December is very busy month for a lot of people (including me) (and her family!!!) so getting a time that worked for everyone was very tricky, add to that the subterfuge necessary to keep the parents in the dark made this a very crazy, tricky undertaking!!!! Not to fear though!!! Where there is a will, there is a way!!!!  Usually....

We ended up meeting after church one day (so everyone can be "dressed up") and snapping a few (well, more like 150) shots to get a good variety for them to choose from!! I have my favorites....I still have no idea which ones they chose for their gift to their parents, but I know for a fact that their parents were surprised (YAY!!) and that they LOVED the surprise!!!! (YAYAYAY!!!) 












The one responsible for this whole undertaking!!! 

She. Is. Fabulous!! 


Sweet kids....SO thankful I got to b a small part of this!! 


There was also some fun to be had (of course!!)......We are trying to work out some posing ideas here. 


Then this happened!!! HAHAHAAHHA!!!!! He is such a great big brother!!! 








Again, I am so thankful to be a small part of this big idea!!!!

It is no small matter to have people depending on me to bring them photos to give as gifts!! There is always an element of fear of the unknown and fear of failure.

God is good though, and so far I have been blessed! 



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The S Family (2016) I am just falling in love with family sessions!!! =)  There is not much more satisfying than seeing your hours and hours of work turn out so beautifully!! 

As a photographer, the fun part of our "job" is doing the shoot!!! Without a doubt the very best part of photography is spending time with people and capturing moments!!!

Sometimes all the planets line up so perfectly that there is very little post-processing and time spent after the shoot getting photos ready for printing. Sometimes, there are hours upon hours of work after the photo shoot!!! o.O 

Neither (and both!!) is the case here....most of the shots were perfect without post-processing, the only problem was...I had taken so many photos that it seemed to take me forever to go through them to get to the really fabulous ones!!! hahahaha!!!! My very own fault!!!  It. Is. HARD. to delete photos of beautiful children. But alas, it must be done. No parent wants to see 5 photos that look almost exactly the same...even if they are all nearly perfect!!!  But sometimes the best moments happen when we least expect them to and we have to keep that shutter button down to get the best ones!!!! 

These girls were a bundle of energy, questions and playfulness at their shoot!! Their personalities are so different and fun!! We had a beautiful day at the park and after we were finished "working" they got to play!!! 



P. & P. 



Mom, P., P., and Dad

Gorgeous, warm fall colors at this park!!! =) 


A little closer now....



Fun posing.....

...even more fun when they were coming back and almost ran me over!! hahaha!! 


Sweet girls, loving sisters...


Mr. & Mrs. 

Fun times with big sister!!! 



More fun with little sister!!! 



I mean, seriously, it can't all be perfect smiles and still poses!!! Life is about so much more than that!!!! Sometimes the best photos are the un-posed ones!!!!

Photos capture moments, moments make up our life.... 


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Cotton Fields of the South (2016) As many of you know, I live in South the south we grow this white stuff called cotton.

You know, that stuff your jeans and t-shirts are made of!?! ;-) 

It's a thing down here to have photo shoots in cotton fields!!! My only concern was the snakes that we are also known for!! O.o 

My friend texted me one day and asked if I would take some family photos for her....of course I said YES!!!! It is my love to do so !!! We were worried about the weather (pretty off the charts unpredictable around here) and the timing as this was Thanksgiving weekend!!! Everything worked beautifully and we were all happy with the results!!! =)   The farmer agreed to allow us to use his field, we were all available at the same time, and the cotton was at peak!!! 

So...on Black Friday, I got to capture some fabulous moments with a wonderful family out in a cotton field!!!

I must say, I MUCH prefer that to shopping any day!!!!! =) 




The whole family!! 


The kids...


Love the light on this one!!!! Such a gorgeous evening!! 


Not sure I have ever laughed so much on a photo shoot!!! I will work with this family ANY time!!! LOVED every minute of it!!! 


Mr. & Mrs. 


J. & G. 


M. & B. 

I chose this photo because this guy is so stinkin' funny and this is how I remember spending the afternoon...Laughing and seeing love!!! =) 




Mr. & Mrs. .....  A sweet love story



Part of the epic-ness of the day was... as were finishing up, and by that I mean "just packed the camera away and walking off the field with the props", the cotton pickers showed up to clear the field!!!! Talk about perfect timing!!! It was an awesome sight to behold!!! These machines are massive and very efficient!!! 


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Baby J. (2016) So....I told you about being able to take part in my very first Birth session!!!! You can read that story here >> <<

SUPER exciting stuff has happened to me this year!!!!

Well, not only did I get to do a Maternity shoot and a Birth Session...I also got to do my very first Newborn Session!!!!!


These are all new types of photography for me. I've had to do a lot of research, praying and soul searching to determine if this is the true direction of my photography.... (???)

The answer is YES!!!!!!! 

I feel like I have a calling to photograph these special, brief moments in women's lives almost to the exclusion of all other photography!! 

I do still love photographing flowers and I always have my camera handy for whatever may catch my eye at any given moment, but photography for women is where I see my business going...

So now you get to meet Baby J.  We waited and prayed and cried and waited some more for this little one to make his appearance and he was totally worth the wait!!!! 

He is so beautiful!!!!! 

I had an extremely hard time deleting excess photos!!! We're talking 300+ photos to go through!! Many of them very similar and equally cute!! I think I managed to whittle it down to about 40!!! (Gasp!!)  Let me tell you, it was not easy!!!! I struggled and fought with myself over the ones I had to delete in order to bring the right photos to my client!! It took so much longer than it should have because I felt a very personal, emotional connection to these photos and this session!

I hope my future newborn sessions aren't quite so hard to manage!!! 


Without further is Baby J. at 9 days old!! 


Cuddled in the blanket his mommy was making during labor!!!! 



I heart this SO much!!! 



Special time with Grammy!!! 



He has an old soul..... 




Sweet, precious family!!! 








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Little Bit (2016) I got a text from a friend of my mom....she asked if I would be willing to take photos of her great grand baby, C. 

I said, "Sure!!!" 

This will have been the first time I took photos of a little person I did not really know with people that I did not really know!! 

I was a little nervous at first, but this beautiful baby changed all that!!

He was the sweetest easygoingest baby that I think I've ever met!!! This was his 6 month old shoot and goodness did I fall in love with this little guy!!!! 

I live in SOUTH Alabama and it is HOT down here in the summer!!!! We met at 1PM at one of our local parks. It was bright, sunny, and hot!!!! We did the best that we could with everyone's schedules and C. was a complete trooper through the whole shoot!!!! 

He had a few outfit changes and some props to deal with. He was happy throughout the whole process!!! 

I just could not get over how well he took the whole thing!!!! 

Oh, and did I mention complete and total cuteness?!??!!! 



Happy Baby!!!!! 




Such beautiful, serious eyes! 



John Deere for Great Granddaddy!! 



Some L/R editing fun!!

He loved the mirror!! 




More L/R fun and such a fun little boy!!!!!




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J & S (2016) Sometimes I think I live a charmed life.

Things are not always easy, but I am usually a very happy person and good things seem to come my way more often than not.

God is good!! 

This is an example.... We have some friends. We've know this family for almost 20 years. The Mr. is very much like my own Mr. and very much like a brother to me! The Mrs. is a ray of light and encouragement to all she meets!! 

They have moved away, we have moved away.

They came back, we came back.

We have maintained this friendship over the years and miles and now are once again at the same church, serving together and going on about our lives...

When I was younger (before I had children of my own) I would sometimes watch her two children for her. When we moved back this last time her daughter watched my children (making me feel somewhat old!!).  

She is the one who encouraged me to start photographing people. Her family is the first family/people I ever photographed!!  

I have watcher her children grow into beautiful adults, starting families of their own!! 

These photos are of a few of her grandchildren!! 

Sweet, beautiful children that have the reflection of love in their eyes!! 

It is truly an honor and a blessing ever time she calls me to do a photo shoot for her family.


Big brother, J. and little sister, S....




Sweet Baby Love!!!!








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Big Bro, Lil' Sis (2016) And...BOOM!!!! 

Hitting you with a cuteness overload right from the start!!!!!  It just really doesn't get much cuter than these two!!!

C. is full of energy and personality and her big brother, M. is as steady and easy going as the day is long!!!


They are an adorable combination and it's super entertaining to watch them interact with each other!! 


Very recently some friends from out of state came back for a quick visit!!!

While here I begged and pleaded with the mommy to allow me to photograph her gorgeous babies!!!! 

She agreed!!!!! (gladly!) (haha!) 



This beautiful little girl has so much personality!!! 


M. is the perfect big brother for his little sister. Very patient and kind to her! 



I really do love this antique look..... it makes me happy!! 


Such happy kiddos!!! Their mommy and daddy are doing a fabulous job raising these two!!! 

It'n not always easy, but it's always worth the effort!! 





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Welcome Baby J. (2016) It has been my honor and privilege to be a tiny part of the process of bringing Baby J. into the world!!! The documentation part!! 

I got to do his mommy's Maternity Session, I got to attend her baby shower and take tons of photos for her to remember that special celebration in anticipation of her baby AND I got to be with her in her deepest emotional times when we were waiting for Baby J. to make his appearance!!! 

You know you make plans and hurry up and wait for baby to come!! The doctor's with all of their knowledge, tools, schedules and predictions still cannot guarantee when and how you will deliver a life into this world!!

C & D had been preparing their lives and hearts for their baby boy and anxiously awaiting his arrival with a well thought out birth plan and an ideal of how things would be in the hospital. Well, babies, being what they are, and deliveries, being what they are, absolutely nothing worked out the way this precious mommy and daddy had planned! 

First off, Baby J. was due to be welcomed into the world on May 24th, 2016.  I was super excited as this would be my very first Birth Session!!!

THIS is what I want to do in Photography!

THIS is my calling in this crazy diverse world of capturing moments!!  

May 24 came and went with no phone call or text telling me to head to the hospital...followed by May 25, May 26, May 27 and so on until June 1st!!!!  I finally get the call that C. is going into labor and they are heading to the hospital. I am beyond thrilled that delivery day has finally come, but at the same time a little disappointed that I was going to miss the first day of  Adventure Camp with my family. We knew this could happen as babies do not follow our plans and schedules, but it was still with a bit of sadness that I watched my husband drive away with our kids as I headed into the hospital with my gear!!! 

As soon as I entered those doors,  my heart rate increased, my mind got focused, my hands got itchy for the feel of my camera, my body was ready for what lay ahead.

Or so I thought... 

If you can imagine your perfect ideal, your perfect plan for what you would like to have happen in the delivery of your firstborn. After all the research, information, and praying for doing what is best for yourself, your baby and your delivery..... Now imagine that one by one each thing on your list is not available, disregarded, and marked off by complete strangers thinking they are doing what is best for you and your baby within the policies of the hospital. 

This is what happened with C.  I watched as each thing she had requested got denied as her birth plan did not fit the hospital's plan and policies. I do not mean for this to be a bash the hospital story, but I witnessed this with my own eyes and I was heartbroken for her.  

As labor progressed with no "progress", they decided that medication must be given to move things along...that did not help and they decided to let her rest through the night. On the second day of labor C. was again denied some things that we all felt would have made her delivery more comfortable, and by the middle of the day they decided that an c-section was a definite possibility. 

Now my heart is completely broken for this beautiful mommy as her ideal of the perfect delivery is completely crushed. We tried to encourage her and tried to remind her that even though this is absolutely not what she wanted, she was getting her boy very soon!!!  


The photos that follow are just a few of the nearly 500 that I took during these two days with this sweet family patiently waiting to welcome Baby J. into their waiting arms!!! 




Mommy and Daddy......

Getting encouragement and support form her best friend! 


Support is an absolute necessity!! 


All because two people fell in love...


C.'s mom lifting her up in prayer.....


Pure exhaustion after 36 or so hours of labor!!! 


After all the planning for natural birth, and going through almost 2 days of labor, Baby J made his appearance via emergency C-section!! 


SO very thankful for a safe delivery and being able to capture these moments. 

I would just like to point out here that I captured this precious boy's very first smile!!!  

He was absolutely born happy!!! 


Holding on to his Daddy's hand....


Meeting his Daddy and having some precious moments.... 


Welcome to the world Baby J.!!!! 

You are loved....


I have not included the photos of the games of Phase 10 played, C. crocheting a baby blanket and beanies, some dancing and singing, and other fun and funny moments that I witnessed (and participated in!)!!

Those moments are for the family alone....


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G-ma and Mr. Hubert I am just going to say that I have the most wonderful mother-in-love on the planet!!! She is absolutely precious!!! She is wise, giving, sassy, loving, a prayer warrior and she found love again at 78 years old!!

Her late husband (my husband's father) passed away in 2005 from lung cancer (and I could make that a whole blog on it's own, but another day perhaps). My baby was only 6 months old and has no memories of how wonderful his grandpa was! 

Fast forward 9 or so years, a new house, a booming Avon business, and a settled life later and my mom-in-love met someone special!! She met someone who needed her as much as she needed him! She met a man that has stepped up and been a grandpa to my children and has loved and cared for my mom-in-law, and he treated us all like family from the very first!!! 

Mr. H. and Mrs. E. had a precious wedding last July (before I was a people photographer!) and we celebrated their love with them in a little country church! On their first Easter weekend together as husband and wife they spent the day with many of our family members at my brother-in-law's house. By this time I had found a love for capturing moments for people and was (still am) learning the art of people photography.  I happened to catch them having a moment together and asked if I could snap a few photos.....

Here ya go....

Happiness has no age, fun has no limits, love has no bounds!! 


She just celebrated her 80th birthday!!!! 


Have a happy day! 

Mr. & Mrs.Mr. & Mrs. Whoa Nelly!!!Whoa Nelly!!!

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The S. Family In life you get a few opportunities to do something really awesome. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.  

You keep going, pressing on, pressing up, getting tired and starting again!! 

At a family gathering over Easter weekend I got to photograph one of the strongest people I know.  She has told her story in her own words here >>> <<<   I encourage you to read it and feel her story. I admire this woman so much. She has no idea!!! (well, she will when she reads this, I guess!) (hahaha)  She has faced obstacles I cannot even imagine and still faces some of them to this day!!

She is strong. She is smart. She is beautiful. She is talented. She is a mommy and a wife. She is wonderful. 

And she is generous!!

She asked me to take photos of her little family!!!

(Several heart emoticons!!!!) 


She has two fabulous kiddos that light up when they talk to you!!!! It really is something!!! A. (big sister) is so smart and creative! At 5 years old she can draw way better than I ever could!!!! She is very serious when she has her paper and color crayons out.....


While A. is all Art and Craft and Smartness, her little brother V. is all Fun, Trains and dancing!!!!  

And that's just what a 3 year old's life should be!!!     

Capturing moments with young children is tricky!! It takes time and a lot of effort!! And sometimes you walk away praying you got something good!!!! And sometimes, those prayers are answered so specifically there is no way we can doubt that there is a God in heaven who hears our prayers and answers them specifically!!!!!    

I heart this photo SO much!!!! Just a precious brother and sister moment!!!

I'm sure their mommy can testify to the fact that they are normal children, they fuss, fight over toys and lose shoes, but this....for this one moment we captured a pure sweetness that mom can look at and remind herself that she IS doing something right!!! (Many things right!!)  


And there was this moment too!!!! Just a complete picture of sibling love!!!!!  (More heart emoticons!!!) 


Then, finally, mom and dad get a moment. They are few and far between at this point in their life, but sometimes a moment is enough!!! 


Love you guys!!!! Thank you for letting me take photos of your sweet family!!!! 


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A. & B. I have been doing a lot of practice on my ever-patient family. 

For Easter my husbands family all got together (well, as many that could!) and had a fabulous time chatting and catching up with each other!!! Life is busy and even the best intentions often get forgotten!!! So it is with family.... sometimes we just lose touch for a while for whatever reason, and have to reconnect!!  One of the things I love most about my husband's family is the connection!!  We don't get together as often as we would like, but when we do we make the most of it and have a fabulous time!!! 

On this occasion I got to take photos for two of our nieces. 

One niece had a baby girl recently and really wanted some photos of her and her big brother!! Let me tell ya, chasing a 2 year old around with a camera is pretty tough for these old bones!!! hahaha!!! We finally got a few shots in that worked out really well!!! Little sister was a much more calm subject and I was able to capture a few sweet moments of her as well!! 


First off let me show you this photo.... this is my precious mother-in-law, her son (my brother-in-law), his daughter and her new baby girl!!!  

Four generations here!! So sweet!!!

I was so excited and honored to be able to capture this moment!!! There were a few other notable moments, but I'll save those for a different blog!!! 


This is that sweet baby girl.....A....

Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty   

And her big brother, B....

Tractor love!Tractor love!


SO stinkin' cute!!!!!! 

Love them!! 


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A. and Big Brother There are some days that are just better than others!!!

You know what I mean??  

Some days you just want to crawl back into bed and sleep for another few days!!! Hahaha!!

This was not that day!!! 

I had a lot going on this day!! I had a doctor's appointment, a ladies' meeting and it was also "date night"!!! My favorite day of the week!! But squished between all the chaos of this day I got to see these two babies!!!!  Oh my goodness the sweetness was just overwhelming at times!!! 

It's obvious that C. (big brother) adores A. (little sister) and capturing some sweet moments with them at the park was just priceless!!! 

....Just a note here....

I sometimes like to take photos I have done into Photoshop and do something a little different with them. It's called an artistic application and some like and some do not. It's all good!!! The photos are available in both formats to my clients and they can choose one or both if they want!! =) 

Here is an example....

I adore you!!I adore you!! See how it looks like a painting??? I LOVE it!!! 

Both of these babies were a little camera shy at first, but when C. got to look at his picture in the camera he quickly became animated and open to me pointing the black box at him and his sister!!!! 

This was originally planned as a One Year Old kind of session, but it quickly turned into a she is so stinkin' cute I just need to take a few more kind of session!!! 

Sweet baby hand!!Sweet baby hand!! As you can probably tell from the work I have posted I am not your average "Smile at the camera" kind of photographer!! I like to capture moments in time. Things that are fleeting and precious!!

Like these hands.... Some might think this is a wasted effort, but take it from a Mommy with no more babies around...those dimpled hands will not always reach out for you! At some point they become less dimpled and busy with other things!  Capturing this moment when A. is reaching for her Mommy who is right behind me was a precious, perfect timing sort of thing that I never would have been able to duplicate!!! I just want to grab that hand and smother it with kisses!!! She is just so squishy!!! 


Patty cake, patty cake...Patty cake, patty cake... Then there is black and white conversions.....  LOVE the B&W!!! She was playing "Patty Cake" with mommy and just happened to look my way!!! I heart this photo so much!!! Such a sweet face and getting to spend some time with her just adds to her sweetness!!! A. really is as sweet as she looks!!! 


Big brotherBig brother Isn't he handsome?!?  C. was very protective of his little sister and was very serious in his role as big brother!! I only got a few shots of him by himself, but the effort was worth it!!!  Such a precious little boy!! 


See the difference??? 

I'll leave you with this little piece of adorableness!!!  These two are going to grow up to be the best of friends!!!

Hang in there Mommy!! You are doing a fantastic job!!!


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Jimmy.... Recently I had a special treat!!

As I am working at learning people photography I had asked for volunteers to help me!! It costs them nothing, but time and they get to print whatever photos they want and use the photos on Social media as do I. =)

It's a great deal for both of us!!

This was Jimmy's day.

My fave of Jimmy!!!My fave of Jimmy!!!

Don'tcha just love a great smile with crinkly eyes?!?!! I know I do!!! 

I did not know Jimmy 4 years ago. We are fairly new friends.

But he is special....


Years ago he survived a near death experience, has come through like a champ and is now a quadriplegic. (At least I think that is the correct term!)

J.J. His chair never ceases to amaze me!! I know that may sound shallow, but this thing carries him around, stops on a dime, is his support and constant companion and I saw this thing plow through wet sand like you wouldn't believe!!! I thought for sure my kids and I would be rescuing Jimmy in the soft sand, but not only did his chair make it through, it didn't even seem to notice that it was supposed to struggle!! 


I don’t pretend to know his daily struggles. I know they are great on some days. Maybe most days. But I do know that every time I see him (2 to 3 times a week at church) he has a smile on his face, joy in his heart and a selfless desire to help others!!

So it is with great honor that I present to you Jimmy.


Here is Jimmy's story in his own words>>>>

Jimmy, if I got anything wrong here please correct it with a comment!!! Thanks!! 

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Sisters!!!! In my quest to move along in my photography journey, I asked among my friends for volunteers to do photo shoots. These would be free sessions for them, with purchase options available while I would retain use of the photos for my website, promotions, blogs and social media.

My very first volunteer was my sister-in-law! She wanted some photos done of her girls as I don’t think she has had any made of them together recently!! So I, of course, said YES!! Reading togetherReading is one of their favorite pastimes!!! When we brought out the book to look at so I could capture these moments, both of their eyes just lit up!!!!

Do try to remember that these are my brother’s girls and I did NOT get the red hair gene. He did.

I try to not be too jealous. It usually works.


Beautiful Red Heads!LOVE love LOVE these red headed little girls!!! They have awesome personalities to match that fabulous hair!!!

These girls were a blast to work with…they take after their aunt!  Hahhaha!!!

When we first started M. (little sister) was a hesitant to smile at the camera. She is generally shy at first anyway so I expected that!! It was also a bit nippy while were at the park!! The wind was brisk, but the sunshine more than made up for the cool temperatures! As M. warmed up to the camera she became more animated and began to give me here real smiles!!!

Of course, K. (big sister) had smiles on from the get go and kept them up to the very end!! She may have modeling in her future!!

I got all kinds of smiles and giggles especially when we brought out their very favorite thing…. a book!  

When we were all done we got to play on the playground!!


My Munchkin


My Punkin

My goal with this shoot was to improve on skills and test the people photography waters so to speak… I really enjoyed myself and am looking to go forward with this part of my journey with many more clients!! 

Let’s make some memories!! 

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Family Fun You know how sometimes in life little things happen that become big things, but you don't even realize it until much later? This has happened to me recently...some of the changes were not even mine, but they impacted me none the less. 

I have never considered myself a people photographer. It is very intimidating to me to have an expectation placed upon my art. However, due to circumstances beyond my control I ended up doing a family session for a dear friend and her precious family. Her original photographer was going to be out of town when all of her family would be together during Christmas week. After much encouragement from her girls (thank you L. and J.!!) she asked me to fill in. She knew I was not a people photographer, because she has asked before and I declined. But life being what it is and Providence doing what it does, this time when she asked I said, "Of course!"  

Her circumstances were a bit extreme as her son and family would soon be leaving to go back overseas to his duty station and her daughter and her family only had a few days off for Christmas.  All she wanted for Christmas was to have family portraits done. Time with family is precious to her as her children and grandchildren are hours or oceans away.

We decided on a day and time.

When the day came, it was overcast and rainy and I felt so very bad that she may not get her Christmas wish!!  I had almost made it to her home when she called and said we should try for another day.  I wanted to cry for her...she so wanted this. Her daughter called me back after lunch and said, "Let's do this. Let's make it happen."  So we did!! I went back to their home. It was still overcast and slightly drizzly when I got there. We started looking at places to do photos on their property. Because it was still slightly drizzly we opted for right in front of their little shed, also known as the man cave, because of a tiny overhang that would allow them to stay a bit dry. My son was holding an umbrella over my head and my other two children were hootin' and hollerin' behind me to get the attention of the Littles....these turned out to be my very favorites of the shoot!!! 

Family time...Family time...

Sweet, sweet family!!! 


To train up a child....To train up a child.... I like to call this one,  To Train Up a Child....




It all started when we fell in love!It all started when we fell in love! Pure adoration.....


Not everyone is a fan of black and white with a highlighted color, but she loved this one, and that's what counts!!! But truthfully, I loved it too!!


I went into this adventure not knowing how someone else's circumstances would impact the direction of my photography.

I came out of this adventure knowing that I want to capture many more such moments for as many people as I can!!!!

Family is precious.

Family time together is precious. 

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